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200 Hour RYT Teacher Training

Your Journey Begins

If you have a calling to take your practice deeper and share the joy of your yoga experiences with others, join Chris Loebsack, Corinne Farrell, Dana Sherman and Priya Idgunji along with guest teachers**. It’s our goal to help you deepen your understanding of anatomy, meditation, asana, help you develop leadership qualities, find your authentic voice and practice within. Our mission is to offer a well-rounded yoga teacher training program that provides teachers the knowledge, guidance, and capacity to instruct with true wisdom and integrity.

The art of teaching yoga requires sensitivity, compassion and practice. A teacher must encourage, inspire and address the needs of each individual student while balancing the dynamic flow of the group. The Boundless Yoga Teacher Training program approaches the teaching of the art of yoga with a practical and modern sensibility. This program is designed to give the participants a comprehensive and intensive study of the broad base of yoga culminating in a journey of self-study and personal transformation. Along the way trainees will be encouraged to expand and challenge what they define “yoga” to be. Through exposure to multiple modalities, trainees are encouraged to create their own signature style that expresses their own unique spirit.

Topics Covered

-Teaching techniques: Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot Yoga and including special populations such as prenatal, injuries/ illnesses and seniors

-Anatomy and Physiology as related to yoga postures and the Energy Body

-The practice and teaching of postures with variations and modifications

-The practice and teaching of basic breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques

-The principles of sequencing with creativity and intelligent flow

-Yogic health principles

-The language of yoga: Sanskrit terms and common Mantra

-The Business of Yoga

-Yoga Philosophy, History and Ethics

-Self-care for the teacher

-Art of touch and hands on assists

200 HR Tuition

Super Early Bird Discount
Discount ($400) $2550, $500 Deposit Due by March 6, 2017

Full Tuition Payment Discount
Discount ($200) $2750, $500 Deposit Due by April 1,2017

Full Tuition Payment
No Discount, $2950 Due by April 21, 2017

Full Tuition/Installment Plan
Full tuition paid in installments: $2950
$500 Deposit Due by April 1,2017- 8 additional Payments of 306.25 set up via auto pay on the 15th of each month

Immersion Tuition Full Payment Discount
Immersion Paid In Full $150 discount $1950 Payment due in full by April 1, 2017

Immersion Tuition/Installment Plan
Full tuition paid in installments $2100
$500 Deposit Due by additional Payments of $266.67 set up via auto pay on the 15th of each month

 Training Dates

Regular Weekend Schedule: Friday Eve 6:30-9:30 pm Saturdays 9-7, Sundays 9:30-7:30 *Other times for practice teaching and anatomy labs scheduled by appointment.

Weekend Dates for Training are:
April 28-30
May 19-21
June 16-18
July 21-23
Aug 11-13
Sept 15-17
Oct 13-15
Nov 10-12
Dec 1-3

Training Guides

Corinne Farrell      500 RYT, CPT, LMT

Corinne studies extensively in the fields of Yoga, Personal Training, Cycling, Kinesiology, Massage Therapy, Slacklining & Acrobatics. She’s known for her masterful approach to all things kinesthetic, and happily offers her extensive knowledge to help you become a well balanced teacher.  Corinne is a certified massage therapist.  She is also a certified bodyworker through KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration), through this practice she has acquired a wide knowledge about the human body, muscle groups, skeletal structure, and fascia.  She has since applied this knowledge to her yoga teachings to help students further their knowledge and understanding of their own bodies and how to best move within themselves.

Chris Loebsack   500 E-RYT, Thai Bodyworker, AcroYoga educator

Chris began teaching in 2003. Chris uses the power of yoga to create a space for students that cultivates trust, playfulness and Divine connection with themselves and with community. Living by her mantra, Clarity, Integrity and Love, she draws upon her partner yoga practice to share the healing power of touch and safe intimacy.

A passion for discovering subtlety in movement has lead Chris to deepen her education with the Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers® kinesiology program. Her playful yet focused classes are filled with user friendly gems of applied anatomy leaving students with a greater understanding of how to find comfort and space in their bodies and smiles beaming across their faces. She encourages teachers to set a higher standard of excellence through knowledge and has become a valuable mentor to many upcoming yoga educators.
She has  been featured in Fitness Magazine®, Yoga Journal: Yoga Mentor, Good an Well, Local Flair Magazine and the New York Times.  Chris is also the curriculum writer and director of the new AcroYoga International branch.

Priya Idgunji  E-RYT 200

Yoga came into Priya’s life at an early age. Priya’s mother, having practiced under B.K.S. Iyengar for 3 years, taught her growing up. In 2008 she began a dedicated physical practice, originally seeking only that; however, what unveiled was a mindful practice that provided tools to improve overall well-being. In 2010 she combined her love of travel and yoga and went to Bali for an immersive 200HR Hatha Yoga certification. Since, she’s received certifications in Vinyasa Yoga (100HR) from Balance Yoga & Wellness, Bhakti Flow Yoga (120HR) from Rusty Wells of Urban Flow. Priya has also been trained in The Art of Physical Adjustments, Reiki Level 1, Prenatal, Restorative, Yin, Aerial, and Trauma Informed Yoga.


Dana Sherman E-RYT 200

Dana Sherman, E-ERT 200hr has over 430 hours of yoga training and has been teaching since June of 2010. Her classes are intelligently sequenced, energetically balanced, well-rounded and she has the ability to deeply connect with her students. In addition to her yoga teaching career, she is studying to become a Holistic Heath Coach and is pursuing a degree in Nutrition Science. Her class offerings include Vinyasa, Mellow Flow, Restorative and regularly teaches private lessons.

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